Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The future of online television Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The future of online television - Essay Example Definitely the television culture has been transforming rapidly to match the preferences of the consumer for very long. There have been tremendous changes in how they now look, function and the quality that they deliver. But will its era of victory over the radio last forever? Recently television industry is now almost paralleled with a major competitor- â€Å"internet†. A lot of surveys lately have shown how the number of people going online to watch television is increasing with a good percentage each year. But does this mean that the viewership of television in the conventional mode is going down? There are many reasons for why the trend of watching online media has shot-up but one of the major factors for it is the increasing awareness among people about the various utilities of the internet. Since the time when the internet was first invented its definition and purpose has transformed tremendously. Not only that the broad scope of internet is still unfolding by each passing day. The awareness among the people to use internet is picking up pace with every tick of the time. Not long back it meant only- sending and receiving of e-mail and chatting. But now there is whole virtual world out there where one can find everything possible as there are no boundaries to it. One can easily go on the internet and look for any episode, soap, movie, music, video and other kinds of media. It is as simple as a click in today’s world. The media consumers can watch anything that they want within seconds. The main advantage and why the culture of going online and watching television is rising because of the fact that almost everything is available on demand. Not only that such a provision has now become portable, there are mobile phones that support online applications like â€Å"yoututbe.com, hulu.com,† where it is possible to find anything that one is looking for at any time. Another option is â€Å"Laptop† which makes it very easy for the consumer to view

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